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Procurement and Bids

Upcoming Bids 01.18.2018

Lake Bank Restoration Phase 2

Legal Notice for Lake Bank Restoration Bid

Bidding and Contract Requirements

Technical Specifications

Plans for Lakes

GSCDD-LK 121 Bank Restoration

GSCDD-LK 119 Bank Restoration

GSCDD-LK 110 Bank Restoration

GSCDD-LK 90 Bank Restoration

GSCDD-LK 61 Bank Restoration

GSCDD-LK 60 Bank Restoration

Map with Lake Locations


Landscape Proposals Forthcoming

Request for Proposals – Updated November 1, 2017

Gateway Services Community Development District

Update and Provide Assessment Methodologies for General Fund

Proposal Due by: November 30, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.

RFP Assessment Methodologies 2nd Submittal

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