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Transaction Fee for Payment by Credit Card Notice Eff. 2/1/20


Effective February 1, 2020, all Master Card, Visa, and Discover credit card payments including credit/debit auto-pay recurring withdrawals will be subject to a processing fee of $2.95 OR 2% of the balance whichever is greater.

Updated 01/14/2020: American Express credit card will NOT be available or accepted as a form of payment

Alternative Payment Options Available:

  • Mail payment to Lock Box address (include payment stub): Gateway Services CDD, P O Box 7518, Naples FL 34101-7518
  • Set-up “Bill Pay” through your bank online, please use this mailing address: PO Box 7518, Naples, FL 34101-7518 and reference your account number with dashes, ex: xxx-xxxx-xx
  • Pay in our office or drop in mailbox: 13240 Griffin Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913 (Next to Sherman Soccer Complex)

Per the District’s Schedule “C” of the Chapter I Rules of the District Relating to Water, Wastewater, and Irrigation Rates – Resolution 2011-03; Item H. FEE FOR PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD: Service fees or charges as imposed on the District by electronic bill payment service provider.

Due to recent advancements in software, customer payment portal, and increase transactions the District will begin implementing the service fee effective February 1, 2020.