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Pool Policy

Pool Fills

Once per year a wastewater adjustment may be made to a utility account for residents refilling their pool. For resident to be eligible for a wastewater adjustment relating to a pool fill the following conditions must be met:

  • The utility account must be in good standing with no past due balances
  • The utility account has not had an adjustment within the previous 12 months
  • The utility account has at least 4 months of usage history or two billing cycles

If all the above conditions have been met, the resident must request in writing to Gateway Services Utility Department a request for a sewer credit within 60 days of pool service and must provide documentation to support the request. Acceptable forms of documentation are as follows:

  • Letter from a certified pool service company providing the dimensions and capacity of the pool and estimated water use during the service
  • Detailed receipt from a certified pool service company providing date of service and service type

Wastewater adjustments shall be calculated at the most current rate. The wastewater usage adjustment shall not exceed 25,000 gallons per account. Any approved adjustments will be posted to the customer’s account within 30 days of written request.

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