Click on the corresponding tab with additional information for each category. If you need additional assistance, please call us at (239) 561-1313 or email us at UTILITYBILLING@GATEWAYDISTRICT.ORG

An application for new service is required for all residents, owners, and tenants to receive utility services. If a service application is not submitted, water for the property will be unavailable until an application is received. Please note: Billing for utility services is on a bi-monthly basis.

There are two (2) items needed to start service:

  1. A completed Utility Application for New Service
  2. Verification or Proof of Ownership

If proof of ownership cannot be verified, you may be requested to provide Proof of Ownership: Purchase/Sale Agreement, HUD Settlement Statement, Agent Listing Agreement, or lease agreement.

To submit an online application, please complete the Utility Application for New Water Service.  Click the link to submit electronically.

To access the application for hard copy and fax submittal, please click here: Utility Application for New Water Service.  Click the link to download the file.

Application may be submitted by:

  1. Mail: Gateway Services CDD, 11922 Fairway Lakes Dr., Ste # 1 Fort Myers, FL 33913
  2. Drop-off Location: After-hours drop box located at 11922 Fairway Lakes Dr., Ste # 1 Fort Myers, FL 33913
  3. Fax: (239) 561-1350

Please complete the application and review page 2 for all standard charges and fees that may apply.

Once your application is processed, a deposit bill will be mailed to the mailing address indicated. The deposit bill statement will be mailed with a Welcome To Gateway packet. Instructions on different payment options, customer portal, and Emergency Alerts/Notifications from Gateway Services will be included.

To submit an online termination request, please complete the Request Form To Terminate Water Service.  Click the link to submit electronically.

Approved utility rates are effective January 1, 2023. These rates will be reflected in the March 15, 2023, water bill statement.

To access and preview the utility rates, please click here: Approved Utility Rate Schedule FY 2022-2025.