Update Regarding the Drainage System and Water Levels

Over the past three days, we have experienced a record amount of rainfall affecting the current status of our street drains and water levels.

Prior to the rainfall, GSCDD contracted with Extreme Divers to clean all inlets in Basin 4 of our stormwater system. This basin encompasses a significant portion of the stormwater system and spans various communities within GSCDD.

Staff continues to actively monitor pond levels, outfalls, inlets, and drainage systems throughout the Gateway community to ensure the stormwater system functions properly.

Water from the street drains flows into a network of interconnected stormwater ponds, which in turn feed into the flowway. As of today, both the flowway and the ponds are above their high-water marks.

As a result, the street drains are backed up since there is no place for the excess water to go. This backup will continue until the water level in the waterway decreases. The flowway is currently discharging water over the weirs at maximum capacity.

Please note: The roadways are designed to hold excess water before allowing the water to flow into a nearby pond.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we manage these water levels. Please take necessary precautions and avoid areas with significant water accumulation.

GSCDD has received various reports and has been actively around the community addressing these issues as needed. To report areas of concern, please submit a SeeClickFix ticket at gatewaydistrict.org/rfa.